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Every year a lot of people from across the globe move to the UK. It is the country which has balanced the old charm and history with new infrastructure and technological advancements. Between the years 2010 to 2018 around 495,000 individuals moved to the UK. People choose to migrate to the UK for many reasons. Two of the most significant factors driving international migration are the labor market and economy.

Investor visa

If you are non-UK national seeking to invest in UK then this is an ideal way to grab the UK citizenship. Connect Migration will help you in the entire process. We ensure that you get up to date advice to give your Visa application the best possible chance of approval by UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI). . This visa is for those who are from outside of the European Economic Area and Switzerland, and have a minimum of £2 million to invest into the UK. The more money that applicants invest, the quicker they are able to achieve settled status in the UK.

Benefits of investing in the UK

Great Britain is a well-advanced economy and high-income country. It offers the following advantages to foreign investors and businessmen:

  • • Passport in 5-6 years
  • • Citizenship for the whole family for life
  • • Full confidentiality
  • • Visa-free access to 164 countries
  • • High quality of life
  • • Top standards of education and healthcare
  • • Transparent legal system
  • • Vast business opportunities
  • • Easy to set up and run a company
  • • Least barriers to entrepreneurship
  • • Highly skilled and productive workforce
  • • Tax benefits for non-domiciled individuals
  • • Simple taxation for small businesses
  • • Profitable tourism sector
  • • Developed transport network

Requirements & eligibility for UK Investor visa

To be considered under this Visa category, you must:

  •  Have at least £2 million in investment funds to apply for the visa.
  •  Be 18 and over.
  •  Be able to prove that the money belongs to either you, your spouse or your partner.
  •  Have opened an account at a UK regulated bank to be used for your funds.

Your funds must be:

  •  Held in one or more regulated financial institutions.
  •  Free to spend and disposable in the UK.
  •  Your money can be in the UK or overseas when you apply.
  •  Clean criminal and immigration record.

Student visa

UK is the world’s leading educational destinations for the students from across the world. It famous for producing the best from its finest list of institutions. Todays it is most desired place among students for its high-quality well recognized institutions and welcoming educational environment.

Connect Migration help students in the entire visa process. We have the experience and comprehensive service package to make your student journey stress free and help you begin your education at the right time, in the best possible university. The degrees offered by the UK higher education institutes are recognized worldwide. Students from UK universities get an opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge at competent levels.

  • • To be eligible for a Student route visa, you must:
  • • Have an unconditional offer of a place on a course with a licensed Student route sponsor
  • • Be able to speak, read, write and understand English
  • • Have enough money to support yourself and pay for your course.

Visit visa

The UK visitor visa which is the Standard Visitor Visa. It is the short stay visa that allows to stay in the UK for up to 6 months. However, the embassy has the right to issue visas for a shorter period of time. This visa is established for those that wish to travel to the United Kingdom for purposes of:

  •  Tourism.
  •  To visit family members.
  •  Medical treatment.
  •  For professional reasons.

How to Apply for a UK Visitor Visa?

The application for a UK visitor visa must be made from outside the UK. The earliest you can apply for this visa is 30 days prior to your planned travel to the UK.

To apply for a visa to visit the UK you will go through these simple steps:

  • • Check if you are eligible for a tourist visa.
  • • Complete the online application form.
  • • Collect the required documents.
  • • Schedule an appointment.
  • • Attend the interview.

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